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The Rosaire

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The Fenêt

6 rue Joachim du Bellay

4 Jardins

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Chez Fabie

9 rue saint julien

Saumur and the surrounding area

All holiday homes and bed and breakfast are at equal distance to the surrounding sites.

The Saumur region is so versatile, the tourist information website offers a lot of information, and here I can only describe a small amount. But do look at their website to give yourself some ideas and different options – http://www.ot-saumur.fr/

There are many castles to visit within the Loire valley. My 2 favorites are Montreuil Bellay, because it is still lived in and used by the family. You can see all the original equipment used and the decor is historical as well. The second one it is the Château de Brézé and especially what is underneath the castle. In the middle ages the lord of Brézé lived in fortified dwelling caves called roche, and It is an amazing site. Part of it is a combination of daily living and the other part a system of defence. It is a unique site within Europe and is well worth a visit. There is also a bakery and a wine press underground.

You have some troglodyte caves carved within the local stone “tuffeau”. They are all different, some with figures carved on the walls, one with a 6th century quary where sarcophagi were produced and then transported mainly by water, some as far as England! Dwellings with farmhouse and outbuildings for animals, dwellings for artists, scenographic trail in “The faluns mystery” where you are taken back 10 million years ago underwater. There are also mushroom caves, wine cellars in the caves, and even a zoo half within the caves and half outdoor.

Activities :

Troglodytes, dwelling in caves where people lived, kept food, animals, used aslo by artist to create unique pieces made of sand stone (Saumur St Hilaire St Florent,Doué la Fontaine , Rochemenier, Turquant, Gennes…)

these includ mushroom Museum, wineries, didactic show in caves where people are transported 10 million years ago(les mystères des faluns),village troglodytic (Rochemenier),miniature park within a troglodyte

Saumur Chateau

Montreuil Bellay Chateau

Breze Chateau and especially the underground tresor which is years old.

Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud

tank Museum , Saumur

Cavalry museum Saumur

Motor museum Saumur

Combier, liquoriste Saumur

la boule de fort, Saumur, traditional game played with a ball of service wood(or resin)half-flattened and circle in iron.

Sparkling Wine Houses , Saumur

Trips in traditional boat along the river Loire

Wind Mill

Soap Museum, Montsoreau

Park with 13000 rose bushes and much more… Doué la Fontaine

Bioparc, zoo Doué la Fontaine

trips by traditional boats along the Loire with sometime option of a meal : Montsoreau, Saumur,gennes, Candes St Martin, le Thoureil



Tina’s brewery, Dampierre sur Loire

Manifestations  :

Saumurban Trail

A breathtaking sporting tour of saumur:3 courses of 9, 15 and 25km .

Concours de voltige international ***

International vaulting Competition***

le Marathon de la Loire

Following the old part of the Loire river , the Marathon of Saumur uncovers a selection of the most beautiful spots of the Loire valley.

Festival de la bande dessinée à Montreuil-Bellay

Cosmic-Festival in Montreuil-Bellay

Au cœur du Grand Manège de Saumur

Discover the history of the famous Cadre Noir and the french academic hore riding.

Anjou Vélo Vintage

Enthusiasts of pedal-powered two-wheelers and those nostalgic for olden times have the opportunity to cycle the roads of Saumur and its region…

Fête du vélo en Anjou

The roads along both banks of the Loire are closed off between Angers and Montsoreau for bikes and rollerblades on this friendly family day out.

Les musicales de Montsoreau

6 concerts programmed

Journée de la rose à Doué la Fontaine

Set in the arenas are the rose exhibitions and international floral art competitions.

Craft :


Festina Lente, Richard Leray :art stencil illumination

Eina Benzano:artist jeweller


Atelier Mamet & Varennes : luxury design and crafted leather for 40 years


Ultreïa jewels , Sylvie Naulin : creation of modern jewelery in precious metal.

Arts and crafts shop : boutique with French original art

La Maison d’à coté:home decoration craft shop dedicated to making unique models from old fabrics


Pineau wickerwork, Christian Pineau : master artisan making wickerwork


Atelier du chat Potier:Ceramicworkshopin enamelled stoneware and porcelain


Anima-Libri:bookbinding, gilding and book restoration workshop

Pottery « Autour du pot »:craft pottery shop specialised in the production of useful and decorative articles.


Atelier Flocom:Crafting of decoration and communication items.Elegance, lighness and poetry.

Food and drinks :

Traditional dish is the « Fouée » served in traditional troglodytic caves ; It is made of French dow looks like pita bread and is cooked in traditional ovens, thenstuffed with local produce.

St Hilaire St Florent Saumur

Les nobles Fouées

La table des fouées


Les Pieds Bleus


les Caves de Marson


Les caves de la Genevraie


le Caveau

Lea Cathédrales de la Saulaie


le saut aux loups



Goat cheese, mushrooms, honey found on the market or in local stores

Huilerie de la Tourangelle

Local production of wide range of tasty oil:walnut,hazelnut,sesame etc..